Rootes Car Club Sweden.  Ordf. Christian Carlsson tel 013-297279.   Mail:

Startsida Kontakt Träff-foton Klubben Bilarna

Rootes Car Club Sweden

A club for owners and devotees of Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam, Commer, Karrier.

Our goal is to take care of these nice cars from the Rootes Group

Join our club !

Send a mail to
or call our chairman Christian Carlsson : +46 13 297279

If you are a Rootes- freak and intend to visit Sweden, don’t hesitate to contact us ! Summer Meetings are arranged in nice places. For details, drop us a few lines and we will answer in English.  We also have a Facebook Site.

At present only this index page of the site is in English.